Charli XCX's 'Breaking Up' Video Is For All Of Us Who Never Liked You Anyway

No tears here.

Not every breakup is cause for tears. Sometimes, cutting a dude loose is an effing relief -- as depicted in the Charli XCX's new video for "Breaking Up," off of her upcoming sophomore record, Sucker, due out December 16.

"Everything was wrong with you/ So breaking up was easy to do," Charli sings in the vid -- after cutting loose her tapioca-pudding-personified boyfriend, a dude who kicks off the video by bragging obnoxiously to his parents (?!) about all the girls that want to bang him.

What follows is a '80s/'90s, "Jawbreaker"-esque party of a music video that recalls the girl band glory of jams like The Donnas' "Get Rid Of The Girl": bowling, ice cream, ex-boyfriends blindfolded and tied to chairs -- the usual.

Yup, some dudes leave us "lying on the cold hard ground" (time to turn on the Taylor), but some dudes -- with their "ugly tattoos" and "f--king cheap perfume" -- are better off dumped.

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