Tyler, The Creator Understands Why Fans Are Upset About Odd Future Drifting Apart

Too much to handle.

Diehard Odd Future fans had their hearts broken last week when Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt pretty much confirmed that members of the hip-hop collective have gone their separate ways, for now. Not everyone understood why they were so upset, though, but Tyler definitely did.

In response to one guy who was a bit peeved after "watching them react to your 10 word tweet for over 24 hour[s]," Tyler admitted that he could see why they'd be upset.

"i feel it dude, but, people are fans and it was something they cared deeply about. i dont understand why people are acting 'above' people who have any feelings towards something they had a connection with coming to an end," he wrote in an extended message.

"thats what life is, having a connection to something thats hard to explain because it makes you feel, and when thats gone, as a human, people will let it be know. same could go for breaking up with someone, or your favorite food being discontinued, its all relative."

This all began with Tyler's tweets about OFWGKTA on May 28, one of which read, "although its no more, those 7 letters are forever." That set off a chain of reaction, and eventually prompted Earl Sweatshirt to weigh in as well.

"i legit did not think that tweet would spiral out of control, but for some reason im happy it did," Tyler said. "its been obvious that 'those 7 letters' havent been a thing for years. looking at some old photos had me reminicing about old times. people grow, some grow left some grow right. thats how it is, esp. in your 20s. its normal tho, as you get older you start having a different mindstate and/or start really growing into the one you always had. seeing things differently. for some people."

From this note, it doesn't sound like the crew will be reconnecting soon, but it also doesn't sound like there are too many hard feelings.

"im rambling now, but yeah, i wish everyone good luck and i hope they grasp the opportunities they have in front of them and continue success flight," he added.

In a recent interview with The Fader, other members of Odd Future also hinted that they had drifted apart.

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