Drake And Chris Brown Poke Fun At Their Beef In Hilarious ESPYs Skit

Friends again?

When we heard rumors that Drake and Chris Brown would share some screen time at the ESPYs on Wednesday night (July 16), we didn't know what to expect. But to be honest, we didn't expect something as great as this.

Toward the end of a skit that mainly starred Drizzy and NBA All-Star Blake Griffin -- it positioned the two as friends turned foes who were seeking revenge by playing heinous practical jokes on one another -- Breezy appeared. Griffin had snuck in to be Drake's surgeon during an appendectomy, which would have been bad enough given the circumstances of the skit.

And then it turned out CB would actually be the one with the sharp objects in his hand while Drake lied on the operating table.

In case you somehow missed it, Drake and Chris Brown have a bit of a thorny history. In 2012, the two and their entourages were involved in a bar brawl in New York City, and things didn't seem to cool off for a while, either. Though there were reports last year that the two had put their differences aside, the ESPYs skit -- showing their willingness to work together and play off of each other and their past -- seems to be our best evidence to date of that claim being a reality.

(Chris also poked fun at his own image, calling himself "America's Sweetheart" towards the end of the sketch.)

The clip came just days after the two talents were spotted together in the studio.

More music, more skits. Hopefully it's all on the way. If Chris ever puts down those pointy metal things, that is.