'Superman' Returns With An Emo-Punk Edge On Tribute Album

Jack's Mannequin, the Academy Is ..., Nightmare of You lined up to honor Man of Steel.

Superman as an emo-punk hero? Well, he's already got the black hair and the chunky belt (though it's not studded and he might want to change it from yellow to white), and his Spandex pants could pass for girl jeans, but the whole concept is a bit of a stretch.

That hasn't stopped Warner Bros. -- which will unleash "Superman Returns" June 30 -- from greenlighting two separate records based on the Man of Steel: an official movie score by composer John Ottman and Sound of Superman, an album featuring contributions from a host of Warped Tour faves.

Jack's Mannequin, the Academy Is ... and the Receiving End of Sirens are among the artists contributing songs to the album, which, in keeping with the spirit of most "inspired by" soundtracks, features a mix of new tunes and covers. Jack's Mannequin donate a new song, the piano-driven "Meet Me at My Window"; while TAI and the Receiving End went the covers route (both do versions of songs called "Superman," by '60s garage rockers the Clique and Stereophonics, respectively).

And while there is no official track list for Sound of Superman, Rhino Records (which is releasing both movie albums) confirmed that other acts on the album include the Sun, Nightmare of You, American Hi-Fi and Plain White T's. It's due in stores May 23, while Ottman's score will hit shelves June 27.

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