Rixton Ready To Prove They're No Cover Band At Artist To Watch Gig

British band will take the stage in L.A. Thursday (January 23), along with Fifth Harmony and Tori Kelly.

Rixton are ready to break out in a big way as MTV's Artist to Watch. To prove it, they're taking the stage in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 23) for the Artist to Watch showcase, which will be live streaming on

So, how stoked are the guys behind the silly "Make Out" video?

"It's just such a whirlwind for us. It's like from kind of doing nothing and uploading YouTube covers, to even being considered for this is crazy," lead singer Jake Roche told MTV News. "We're so excited to hit the stage. We've been rehearing and we're playing brand-new songs, so we're really excited."

He added, "At first, when we were doing covers, people we're always like 'Oh, they're a cover band,' which was great like, but we always felt like we had something to offer more than just our covers."

The British band will be joined by Jake Miller and Echosmith as well as pals Fifth Harmony and Tori Kelly at the House Of Blues Sunset. The live stream on kicks off at 9:30 p.m. ET/ 6:30 p.m. PT.

Rixton Play The 'Make Out' Game.

In fact, the prospect of debuting new music has the guys pretty revved up. "I think that's the most exciting thing, as well, is actually getting the opportunity to play our own songs," bassist/keyboardist Danny Wilkin shared. "We've been doing covers for so long now, we can finally go ahead and really show people what we're all about."

With their MTV's Artist To Watch gig only hours from happening, the foursome are looking forward to their big 2014, which will likely include the release of their album. "We always promoted the fact that we were writing behind-the-scenes anyway, so it was like we kept strong contact with our fans and keeping them updated about how often we're in the studio writing," drummer Lewi Morgan noted. "So they pretty much knew we were going to put out some original material at some point."

Roche added, "It's kind of good now to let our fans know that original songs are coming really close. There's no going back, boys."