My Favorite Movie: James Marsden

"I define my favorite movie as something that's on TV and I can't change the channel. If it's on TV and I have to watch it, then I know it's one of the good ones. I think the movie that really tops that list would have to be 'The Godfather.' It's just really amazing cinema. It's almost perfect.

"I also love 'Jaws.' I can never turn away once it's on. I love everything about it, from the score, to the acting, to the stupid fake shark. I love it. It's nostalgic for me because it's the movie I probably watched the most growing up, so it really resonated with me then and it still resonates with me now.

"Wait; does that mean I haven't changed since I was a kid? I'm not sure if that's a bad sign or a good sign."

James Marsden currently stars opposite Kate Bosworth in "Straw Dogs," and will next be seen with Kirsten Dunst in "Bachelorette."