Kylie Jenner, We See You And That Iceberg Of A Maybe-Engagement Ring

✨ πŸ’ ✨

Kylie Jenner spent yesterday (November 11) showering her sister, Kim Kardashian, with love, but she may have hinted at a big celebration of her own in the process.

As one of the most avid social media sharers out there, Jenner tends to broadcast the most normal, everyday activities via her Snapchat: Driving, choosing outfits, cooking, etc. She was en route to the Kardashian-West house yesterday for Kim's baby shower when she snapped a video of her steering wheel β€” and it happened to feature a certain finger weighed down by a huge diamond that sparkled oh-so-slyly for the camera.

First of all: Folks, don't Snap and drive, I don't care how many followers you have! It's not safe!

Secondly: HmMmMmMm. The placement and diamond sheen is unmistakable, so could Kylie and Travis Scott be planning their nuptials, as well as preparing for the (reported) arrival of their offspring?

We'll soon see, but it seems like another epic baby shower/engagement shindig may be thrown sooner rather than later for a member of this famous fam.

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