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Uma Thurman Calls 'Motherhood' Her 'Ultimate Battle'

She's been a comic book villain, martial-arts expert and spy, but a stressed-out mom may be her toughest role yet.

[movieperson id="62395"]Uma Thurman[/movieperson] has played a Batman-battling comic book villain, a world-rescuing spy, a martial-arts wizard and a superhero with relationship issues. Difficult cinematic clashes, all. Her newest film, though, presents the actress with her biggest challenge yet: a character frazzled and frenzied to the point of near-insanity, who could go postal at any moment. Pray for the poor soul who steps in front of this mommy on the most stressed-out day of an already harried existence.

When it comes to "Motherhood," Uma isn't messing around. She's laughing -- this is a comedy, after all -- but she's not messing around.

"It's the ultimate battle," she told MTV News. "It's where it counts. The front lines of your living room!"

She stars as Eliza Welsh, a mother of two young kids whose aspirations of a writing career have been thrown on the back burner as she deals with matters like picking up dirty socks and doggie poop. All the action takes place on one day as Eliza tries to shake off the funk of feeling unfulfilled, plan a birthday party for her kid and, if there's time, submit an essay on mommyhood that could finally get her a paying writing gig.

Doesn't sound like the stuff of comedy, but the agonies and ecstasies of parenthood are (mostly) played for laughs. But as Thurman explained it, Eliza was initially a much different person.

"The character originally on the page had much more anger issues and was much more explosive, which they toned down," she said. "Oh, I so enjoy it! But apparently it's a little bit much when women are too hostile!"

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