Here's Your Guide To Every Single Hot Hookup On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Find the mono!

Art by Nick DeSantis

As "Pretty Little Liars" approaches its 100th episode, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember all of the show's various lies, little and big. There have been dozens of red herrings, multiple A's, and an infinity of times we've been led to believe that we can or cannot trust Melissa Hastings. It's a blast, but also sometimes a brain-buster.

However, there is something on "PLL" that we can somewhat easily keep track of, and that's who has kissed who! We at MTV News unleashed our inner A and dug up all of the secrets of the girls' illustrious hookup past, and came up with this definitive Rosewood High kissy-chart. Would you have ever guessed that Aria and Hanna were the two Liars that have kissed the most frogs?

[Click for a larger version.]

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