J.Lo Keeps Going Back To The Block: Tour The Bronx In Her Videos

Jennifer Lopez went back to the Bronx for 'Same Girl,' but this is hardly the first time.

Don't call it a comeback, but Jennifer Lopez's return to the Bronx in her "Same Girl" video was a welcome one on Thursday (January 30). It has certainly been a while since she's graced the streets of Castle Hill for a video, but no matter how large her empire grows, J.Lo never lets her fans forget that she's still "Jenny from the block."

In celebration of Lopez's return to the Boogie Down, MTV News pulled together three throwback videos that she also filmed in the borough nearly 10 years ago.

"Feelin' So Good" feat. Fat Joe and Big Pun (1999)

If you were ever curious about what a day in the life of J. Lo was like, this video pretty much has you covered. From her wake-up calls from Big Pun and Fat Joe all the way to her night out at the club with her girlfriends, J.Lo's life in the Bronx seems pretty darn awesome. Especially when the subway employee lets her and her friends jump over the turnstiles without paying so they don't miss the train. No wonder she was "feelin' so good" there.

"I'm Gonna Be Alright" feat. Nas (2001)

Two years later, Jenny returned to the block during a seemingly scorching summer for "I'm Gonna Be Alright." A guy in his car tries to get Lopez inside by dropping the romantic line, "I know you sweatin' yo, why don't you get inside, yo, so you could cool down, yo?" Surprisingly that story never develops, but J.Lo continues to live her life in the most seductive way possible, using her signature glow to her advantage. Even when she just bends down to get a soda from the vending machine, guys in the video are put in a trance. The slow motion effect probably didn't help.

"Hold You Down" feat. Fat Joe (2005)

Four years later, she switched gears and taught us about friendship. We all have that one friend (or three) who always has our backs no matter what. For Jennifer, that person is Fat Joe. The two profess their loyalty to each other on a Bronx rooftop for four and a half minutes, and it's precious. I mean, she's rocking the Princess Leia hairstyle in this video and Fat Joe still holds her down. That's true friendship!

"Same Girl" (2014)

Now, after nearly nine years, the Bronx is getting some Jenny love once again. Shot guerilla style, this video shows Jennifer making her way around her old neighborhood, taking pictures with fans, dancing with fans, and even getting a "Same Girl" chant from the fans, proving that just like Jenny has love for the Bronx, the Bronx has plenty of love for Jenny.

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