Emma Stone Talks Justin Timberlake Breakup In 'Friends With Benefits'

'I gotta tell you, breaking up with Justin Timberlake is really fun,' she jokes about upcoming comedy.

Fresh off the buzz from their charming teen comedy "Easy A," star Emma Stone and director Will Gluck are already waist-deep into an equally fun-sounding next project called "Friends With Benefits." The film revolves around two recently dumped individuals, played by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who eventually help each other get over their "evil" exes, played by Stone and Andy Samberg.

Amid idle chatter about how [article id="1647971"]Stone needed an oxygen tank[/article] after filming her fake-sex scene in "Easy A," she said filming her breakup scene with Timberlake was equally hilarious.

"I gotta tell you, breaking up with Justin Timberlake is really fun," she said. "It's a feel-good time. He's such a nice, funny guy. It was really fun. We had a good time."

We then asked Stone if she was privy to any of Timberlake's rumored serenading on set. "There was some humming," Stone recalled. "Maybe some scatting."

It seems as though JT saved his pipes for his "Benefits" director, as Gluck had a little bit more to say on the subject.

"He sings everything," Gluck said. "He sings when we're waiting to shoot, he sings when he's pointing out paparazzi, he always sings everything. The funny thing is, unlike other people humming, every time he sings, you're like, 'That's Justin Timberlake! He's singing a song about "the boom just hit me in the face"!' and it could be a pop song if he does it right," Gluck said, adding that he would have to persuade his crew to refocus on their work and not Timberlake's vocal stylings.

"He does like to sing, and he's good at it," Gluck said. "And even when he does a little dance [to go along with the song], he's good at it."

Fingers crossed that Gluck will add a reel of Timberlake's on-set singing to the "Friends With Benefits" DVD.

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