The Weeknd, SZA, And Travis Scott Will Reportedly Offer A Winter Tune For 'Game Of Thrones'' Final Season

R&B makes its way to Westeros in time for the final battle

Winter is here. Game of Thrones's final season arrives next week in all of its icy, hot splendor. It's the clash of the living, too busy arguing with each other to properly prepare, and the unblinking dead, led by a monarch of twilight with an enormous dragon in tow. There will be songs played on trumpet, harpsichord, and battle drums to score the epic seven-episode battle.

It's also been recently revealed that a fourth type of tune will play: one of 808 drums and sweet rhythm and blues melodies. And these sounds will reportedly come from The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott who will make the song.

Pitchfork reported on April 6 that a source close to the project said the new song is coming soon. According to the source, The Weeknd was approached by Game of Thrones staff to make a song for the final season; the singer then went and recruited SZA and Travis Scott for it. There's no reveal of where it will feature, whether as a promotion or in an actual episode. Last week, rumors began circulating on Reddit about the new song.

Last week, a frigid teaser for Game of Thrones's final season showed the devastation left in the wake of battle. The sounds of victory and defeat were drowned in the deafening roar of silence. The ruins of Winterfell were blanketed in white, with Jon Snow's terrifying sword, Longclaw, covered to the hilt, unused, discarded. It appears to be the conclusion of the epic showdown depicted in the full-length trailer that released in March.

Whatever happens, we know that there could be some contemporary hip-hop and R&B sounds scoring the situation as it unfolds.

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