Troy Ave Is Now Suing Concert Venue Where Deadly Shooting Took Place

He’s filed suit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation

Following attempted murder charges from a May incident, Troy Ave is banned from performing as his case is pending. But he did return to the place where that incident took place on Monday (August 8) for a different reason: to announce a lawsuit against that venue, Irving Plaza, and concert promoter Live Nation.

“We are here today because, as we told you day one, Troy did not bring a gun into this venue,” the rapper’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, told a group of reporters standing outside of the Manhattan building. “Today we are here to announce the filing of a lawsuit at the New York State Supreme Court Kings County alleging that this place let someone into the facility with a gun, without checking them, and but for their actions, Troy would never have been shot. And none of the incidents that took place that night would have happened.”

The shooting, which took place during a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza on May 25, left multiple people, including Troy, injured, and resulted in the death of his friend and bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter. Troy was charged with attempted murder and held in jail before being released on $500,000 bail last month.

“He is a victim here,” Leemon added of Troy. “He did not bring a gun into this place, and we are seeking redress for the negligence ... The security here did not pat down anyone who came in the back door. That’s the problem here.”

Before walking away on crutches, the Brooklyn native briefly addressed the crowd: “I’m going through a lot. I just want to get my life back.”

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