Boys Noize Is 'Really Excited' About Spank Rock's New Music

'He's really a true artist,' DJ/producer tells MTV News of rapper.

After a massive showing at Coachella this month, German electro house and techno producer [artist id="2347178"]Boys Noize[/artist] rocked New York's Webster Hall this past weekend before settling into a more private role for the remainder of his week in the city: Alexander Ridha is producing [artist id="2085428"]MC Spank Rock's[/artist] next album.

For the unaware, Boys Noize is a staple of the global dance-music touring circuit, a sophisticated, analog-happy producer who founded Boysnoize Records back in 2005. Lately, his thumping brand of sledgehammer productions have garnered him industry accolades, winning dance/electronica Independent Music Awards. And even has named him Best Electronic Artist three years in a row.

Ridha's project with Spank Rock isn't Boys Noize's first foray into album production. In fact, last year he co-wrote and produced Chilly Gonzales' album Ivory Tower. After a remix of Daft Punk's operatic "End of the Line" on the recently released Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D album, Ridha is pumped for his upcoming project with Spank Rock.

"We are both really excited about the songs," Ridha told MTV News. "It's all over the place, musically. We're doing some extra recordings with some live bands. And then there's this other song we did with Santigold, so she's gonna come in."

"There's definitely going to be those club bangers Spank Rock is known for, like the Baltimore influence. There's two or three of them. But really, I think in the last two or three years, he's really discovered his voice more. And we've actually done some, like, '60s-influenced, almost 'count rock.' We have this other song where he sounds just like Prince.

"It's so exciting to work with him," Ridha continued. "He's the bomb. He's really a true artist and the best rapper, live, as well. Like once you see him live, he'll blow you away."

Boys Noize and Spank Rock are about 95 percent done with the project and plan to drop their first single in a month. As for future plans with Santigold, Ridha told MTV News he had an extra day booked with the singer and that they may come up with material for her album as well.

Additionally, Boys Noize has plans to collaborate with Scissor Sisters as well, following up his remix of "Invisible Light" and the recently released Scissor Sisters vs. Boys Noize mixtape.

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