My Chemical Romance Explain Injuries, Missed Street Scene Gig

Two bandmembers hurt during video shoot on August 3.

As is the case with almost everything involving My Chemical Romance these days, the cancellation of the band's gig at last weekend's Street Scene festival in San Diego quickly became the stuff of rampant Internet speculation.

The band didn't help matters much by issuing only a vaguely worded statement that blamed their absence on "injuries" suffered by two members (see [article id="1537973"]"Kanye Previews New Song; Lupe, MCR Are M.I.A. At Injury-Plagued Street Scene"[/article]). And within hours, fan sites and MySpace accounts across this great electronic land began to pulse with so-called news that frontman Gerard Way had broken his ankle and drummer Bob Bryar had suffered "third-degree" burns on his hands and legs -- injuries that allegedly occurred either on the set of their new, Sam Bayer-directed video (which may or may not be for a song called "The Black Parade") or in a rather serious vehicle accident.

And so on Thursday (August 10), My Chem decided that it was finally time to set things straight, issuing a statement on their official Web site that explained just why they missed their set at Street Scene.

"There are tons of rumors and allegations floating around, and we want to clear it up for all of you," the statement reads in part. "Here are the facts and please know that none of the injuries sustained were permanent nor intentional. Last week, while shooting a new video for our new record ... Gerard tore multiple ligaments in his ankle and Bob received a bad burn to the back of his leg.

"These injuries were sustained on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, we drove to San Diego to prepare for our performance," the statement continues. "After seeing doctors, we decided to give it our all and rehearse on Friday night. This proved impossible. The pain was overwhelming and we could not pull through without further injuring ourselves."

The band went on to apologize for missing their show, but added that they'll return to San Diego later this year. And they conclude the post by poking a bit of fun at the entire situation, letting fans know that they were OK and had luckily avoided any injuries at the hands of supernatural forces.

"So there you have it, there were no car wrecks, monster attacks or alien abductions, but there were serious injuries that required this to be the way," the band wrote. "We hate canceling shows, especially now that we are done recording and just want to play. We miss you all and will see you soon."

Currently, My Chem have only two upcoming U.S. dates confirmed: September 2 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the following night in Syracuse, New York. This weekend, they'll play the massive Summer Sonic festival in Japan alongside Linkin Park, Metallica, Fall Out Boy, Tool, the Flaming Lips and Massive Attack.

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