Here's How Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Sex Scene Went Down

Apparently it was a bit of a, you know, trainwreck.

When you greenlight a movie written by and starring Amy Schumer and hire Judd Apatow to direct, you have to expect that things will get a little raunchy. But when MTV News sat down with Apatow and Schumer's love interest Bill Hader to talk "Trainwreck" sex scenes, we quickly found out the hard way that things were far weirder than we initially thought.

"Judd's actually very shy directing a sex scene," Hader said. "Amy Schumer and I have a sex scene on a couch, and he was like, 'So [sighs], um [sighs], alright... so Amy's gonna [whispers] take off her underwear, and Bill, um, [whispers] she's going to climb on top of you."

Things only got more awkward from there, with Hader describing in detail just how many thrusts were required before he was allowed to perform his lines. Also, according to Hader, the whole shebang might have required a little less movie magic in the editing room than one might think.

"We had sex in the scene," Hader said. "It was like a whole 'Don't Look Now' situation. Judd was like, 'Bill, f--k her. I don't know how to tell you this, but it't not looking right on camera.'"

Check out the "Trainwreck" sex scene yourself when the film hits theaters on July 17.

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