Halsey And Yungblud Race Against Time In Their Heart-Pounding '11 Minutes' Video

The real-life couple star in a chaotic, tragic love story

Let's hope life doesn't imitate art for Halsey and Yungblud. The pop star and the British rocker have been filling their Instagram feeds with cute couple-y moments lately, but in their new video for "11 Minutes" — an angsty collab with blink-182's Travis Barker — their love story is a tragic, chaotic mess.

The action plays out over five intense minutes in the Colin Tilley-directed vid, which arrived on Thursday (February 21). It's broken up into chapters that represent the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. There's a lot of layers here, but Yungblud seems to be racing against the clock as he relives the demise of his and Halsey's doomed romance (she sings amidst a slow-mo car crash as glass flies around her and her forehead gets bloody — it's safe to assume she didn't make it out of that alive).

On the bright side, there are some very cute scenes of the couple in happier times, making music and making out without a care in the world.

In a tweet following the video's premiere, Yungblud offered his interpretation of it: "To me," he wrote, "this is the story of modern love in society. We are so distracted n focused on what's next we fail to see what's actually in front of us. We don't realise how much we depend on something til its taken away. I do it a lot. But it's important to me to focus on the right now."

Halsey, for her part, called the video a "real tear jerker" while sharing an intimate photo of her and her boo from the set. At least there were no tears behind the scenes!

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