13 Teen Struggles Zenon Understands Even Though She Lives In Outer Space

Sometimes life isn't so lunarious.

Zenon Kar is just your average 13-year-old girl who lives in outer space in the year 2049. No, really! Sure, she saves the world, the moon AND her space station over the course of three hit Disney Channel Original Movies. Sure, she also casually makes contact with aliens.

But even though Zenon accomplishes some pretty awesome things in her formative years, she's no superhero. She's human just like you, and she faces the same challenges you do in your everyday life. You guys have more in common than you think! For example...

Getting grounded

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When you get grounded, you're stuck at home FOMOing over all the cool stuff you're missing out on. Zenon gets grounded too, only her parents' definition of grounded is a littttle more literal -- she has to leave her space station and move down to planet Earth. Zenon grew up hating on Earth, so this is the ultimate punishment for her.


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"Mean Girls" is still a thing in outer space. Margie Hammond is the snobby Regina George of Zenon's friend group on Earth. Her and Zenon are kinda friends, but Margie really just wants Zenon out of the picture so that she could have Gregory -- the token hot boy from the first movie -- for herself.

In the next two movies, Margie ends up moving to the space station because her father invented Toaster Strudel owns the ship. More intergalactic passive-aggressive cat-fighting ensues, but Margie and Zenon end up becoming real friends by the end of the trilogy. These are Disney Channel Original Movies, guys, a happy ending is required.

Clueless boys

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Ahh, dear Gregory. It wasn't just Zenon and Margie -- teenage girls everywhere had a crush MAJOR on him. He clearly has a thing for Zenon but has no idea how to approach the cool girl from outer space, so props to her for making the first move in this memorable scene. You go girl!

Fangirling over a celeb you'll likely never know IRL

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Zenon and her BFF Nebula are obsessed with international pop superstar Proto Zoa. They fangirl over him like you fangirl over One Direction or, if you're a '90s kid, Backstreet Boys. Both girls are lucky enough to meet Proto Zoa by the end of the first movie -- Zenon ends up becoming pretty good friends with him, actually -- and we hope one day you'll get to make eye contact with Harry Styles in real life, too.

Lying to your parents

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Zenon lies to her parents just like you! Except when you lie, you sneak out of your house to go to a friend of a friend's raging party. When Zenon lies to her parents in "Zenon: The Zequel," she straight-up sneaks off the space station to fly down to Earth. Once she's thousands of light years away, her and Margie go on an adventure to find Proto Zoa, who's in hiding. Peace out, parentals!

Just teen angst in general

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Zenon freaks out when she gets grounded and sent to Earth. She freaks out when, after causing some trouble aboard the space station, Commander Plank gives her "detention" and assigns her the very boring task of monitoring computer screens in the Alien Patrol Lab. Even in outer space, teens have their drama queen moments. We've all been there. We understand.


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You don't have a hologram for a teacher like Zenon does, but both of you have to sit through class, pretend to pay attention and come up with a fake answer when the teacher -- digital or real -- asks you a question on the spot.

Finding a ride

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Like your pre-super-sweet-16 self, Zenon can't drive. Even her friends on Earth can't drive, though they technically don't have to since self-driving cars are a thing in 2049. They don't have their own car, though. One kid steals his parents' car so that Zenon can catch a ride to a grounded rocket ship.

Questionable cafeteria food

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Zenon can't get enough of Earth's food, especially onion rings, after she touches down on her parents' home planet. The cafeteria on the space station serves food that's meh at best. We're betting your school's meals aren't exactly gourmet, either.

Being a klutz

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Zenon falls down a lot because she's not used to gravity. The rest of us fall down a lot because stairs are hard, we guess? There's no shame in tripping over yourself. Take pride in your klutziness.


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Throughout "Zenon: Z3," the third and final movie in the franchise, Zenon, now 18, is stuck babysitting her aunt's young daughter, Dasha. Dasha is a troublemaker and a half, but Zenon takes her to the Moonstock Festival anyway. Great idea, right? Children at a festival -- what could possibly go wrong?! But somehow Zenon manages to keep tabs on Dasha AND save the moon from colonization. Casual.

Tight clothes

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Skinny jeans and leggings are on trend right now, and tight clothes continue to be a thing in the future. As many of you know, there are some unspoken struggles that come with squeezing into skintight fabric. Putting on skinny jeans is hard enough, but putting 'em on when your legs are still kinda wet from showering? That's basically torture. And as for Zenon, we bet her stellar smile is masking the fact that she's dealing with a major legging wedgie thanks to all that Spandex she wears.

Throwing shade

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Everyone knows what the side-eye means on Planet Earth or in outer space. Throwing shade is a universally understood language even if we call it different things. It doesn't matter where you live -- sometimes you're the one throwing the shade, and sometimes you're one everyone's secretly side-eyeing. 'Tis the circle of life, friends.

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