9 Underrated Advantages Of Having A Resting Bitchface

Ask me "What's wrong?" one more time and see what happens.

Strong girls are everywhere, and everyone's strong in their own unique way -- but nothing screams "don't mess with me" quite like a resting bitchface does. People hate on chronically bitchy faces all the time, and we're here to tell you that it's absolutely OK to have a less-than-thrilled facial expression 99% of the time. Here's a few reasons why all ladies should just embrace it:

1. People avoid sitting next to you on a crowded subway or bus


You don't even need to pull out that old stick-your-purse-on-the-seat-next-to-you-so-everyone-knows-it's-occupied trick. Oncoming passengers take one look at your stank face and know they're definitely not welcome.

2. You won't get laugh line wrinkles


As you get older, making the same facial expression over and over -- like smiling or frowning, even -- breaks down the collagen in your skin and leads to a permanent crease. The obvious solution is just never moving your face at all.

3. Bad first dates don't turn into bad second dates


Thanks to your monotone expression, the poor guy (or gal) will probably leave your first date thinking you absolutely hate him (or her). If the date went terribly and you actually hate them, you can rest easy knowing they'll be way too intimidated to text you ever again. If you think the date went well, you should let 'em know you're into it -- because, like I said, they probably think you hate them. Oops.

4. No one tries to give you flyers when you're walking down the street


You don't need to come up with some lame excuse about how you're in a rush to get home and watch Netflix somewhere important.

5. People compliment you for always holding it together like a pro


It's not that you don't have emotions -- it's that you stink at showing them. This skill comes in handy when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text in the middle of a meeting, and you can sufficiently control the waterworks until your lunch break.

6. You're a poker face pro


No one knows when you're lying. Use this skill wisely.

7. People move out of the way when you're walking


When you strut through a city, people think you're an important person with an important place to be. Slow walkers usually have the common sense to move out of your way -- and if they don't, they're not surprised when you push past them because hey, your facial expression warned them it was coming.

8. No one messes with you


It doesn't matter how young or old you are, or how short or tall you are. When you've got your face on, people know you mean business.

9. When you do crack a smile, everyone knows you really mean it


You don't do strained, polite smiles. When you grin, you're really happy about whatever's going on in your life -- and people appreciate that genuineness.

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