So Here’s What’s Up With ‘White Squad’ — The Company That Gives You White Privilege On-Demand

It's a quick-fix for systemic inequality, but not the one we really need.

If you've caught wind of White Squad -- a new company offering special services for people of color living in a not-so post-racial society -- you may be a little bit confused.

But, it's okay. We'll let you in on the secret: It's all a part of Look Different, MTV's multi-year campaign that works to shed light on and combat bias based on race, gender and sexual orientation.

Even though you can't just call up White Squad for real, it wouldn't be so crazy if they did exist. After all, they offer a quick solution to systemic inequity: white privilege on demand.

Can't get a job interview? Maybe you just need a "white name."


Need to go to court but don't want to get a harsher sentence? Maybe you need a white face.

identical crimes

Can't pay for school? You might up your chances if you were a young white woman.


And, when you look at the numbers, it becomes painfully clear: Statistically, your life could go in a completely different direction simply based on the color of your skin. If the numbers aren’t enough to convince you, check out real stories of how white privilege has affected the lives of the people who participated in White Squad.

Even though White Squad doesn't exist IRL, there are plenty more legitimate ways we can try to actually fix systemic racial inequality: Like educating ourselves and our loved ones about the different ways inequality manifests itself, thinking critically about how our own hidden biases might play a role, or listening to the stories of those affected by racism -- and we've got plenty of ways for you to do that.

You can check out any of Look Different's tools to start looking closer at your own implicit biases, but you should definitely try the newest addition: "Different Day," an experience that can help clue you in to the ways our lives are shaped by the unique advantages and disadvantages we have based on race, gender, sexual orientation and class.

Different Day will also let you hear real stories from young people and celebs that make it clear we all experience the world in different ways. Try it out, and start thinking about how your life might be different if you went through it in a different body.

Be sure to grab some friends and family and tune in to “White People,” MTV and Jose Antonio Vargas' new documentary, which airs on Wednesday, July 22 at 8/7C on MTV,, the MTV App, MTV’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. (Or on Thursday, July 23, on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and MTV’s Video On-Demand services.)

For More On Racial Bias and "White People," Visit Look Different.

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