So Johnny Depp Just Crashed The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Ride At Disneyland


We have a series of questions about this new clip that's surfaced of Johnny Depp, in full Jack Sparrow regalia, surprising some lucky Disneyland visitors who happened to catch an impromptu performance in character from the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Depp hung out on the grounds of the ride based on the popular franchise, and he asked a boatful of bewildered patrons if he could just casually hop into their vessel — you know, as Cap'n Jack likely would.

First of all: Does Johnny Depp have a change of Sparrow clothes available at all times? Does he dip into closed quarters, as Clark Kent did when he needed to rip his shirt open and brandish his Superman cape? Does he do this on the regular? Does Johnny Depp just casually hang out at Disneyland sometimes and say to the staff on duty, "Hey, I'm kinda bored, I feel like Jacking It Up, if you know what I mean!" or something? Did Johnny Depp actually succeed at jumping into a boat on one of the rides' many revolutions? Does any of this matter, as this is likely just a publicity stunt for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?

Probably not, as this is 100 percent Disney-sanctioned buffoonery, but we'll enjoy the idea of Depp sauntering into the Magic Kingdom in a dull moment and throwing on that pirate hat for giggles. It's what Sparrow would want, anyway.