Westerberg To Capitol, Grandpaboy to Stores

August 12 [14:00 EDT] -- Billboard is reporting that former Replacements mainstay Paul Westerberg has finally inked his deal with Capitol Records. The two entities are thought to have had a verbal commitment for quite some time.

The news comes just as a five song EP under the moniker GrandpaBoy is arriving in stores courtesy of the independent Boston-based Monolyth/Soundproof label. A Grandpaboy single, "Give Me My Money Back," was released in May. The new self-titled CD includes the tracks "Hot Un," "Ain't Done Much," "Psychopharmacology," "Lush and Green," and "Homelesssexual.

Westerberg's name doesn't appear on the records, but none-the-less, Grandpabody's true identity remains, as planned, an ill-kept secret. A video is scheduled for "Hot Un," which should make the identity game all the more fun.

Westerberg walked out of a 12 year relationship with Reprise earlier this year and now his old label is planning a 2-CD Replacements retrospective. The first disk,

due October 21, is called "All for Nothing" and includes highlights from the band's four Reprise albums. The second CD is called "Nothing for All" and contains unreleased material, promotional and compilation releases and other rarities.