Justin Bieber Showed Up To The AMAs In A T-Shirt And Jeans

Long live Nirvana.

For most men, a red carpet is an occasion to dress up in your best—or floral—suit and tie and then hit the red carpet. But Justin Bieber is not most men. That's why he wore a T-shirt and jeans to the 2015 AMAs.

Getty Images


Yes, our beloved Biebs showed up to the AMAs wearing a v casual floral Nirvana T-shirt and distressed jeans, aligning perfectly with his newly reclaimed cool kid style. While it's no floral suit, it still made quite the statement. You know, one that says "I'm Justin Bieber, and I do what I want. Also, have you ever listened to Nirvana? They're pretty dope."

Thank you for not wearing drop crotch pants, Justin.

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