Migos Want Respect From 2 Chainz, Not Theories About 'The Migos Flow'

The trio say Chainz 'can't determine the origin' of the flow.

Don't talk to Migos about the origin of the "Migos flow," because they're not interested in any theories that it was influenced by other artists. Earlier this month, the Atlanta rappers lashed out at 2 Chainz for saying that the style originated from Three 6 Mafia, and the trio aren't ready to apologize.

"Actually I just seen on Instagram that they looking for ['the Migos flow'] in the bottom of Africa," Quavo joked. "So [2 Chainz] can't determine the origin. I seen researchers looking for it in Africa right now."

On his Freebase track "Trap Back," 2 Chainz rapped, “Look at my car, how did it get on dem sixes/ This flow come from Drizzy, he got it from Migos, they got it from Three 6.”

When Migos got wind of this, they hurled some insults his way on Twitter, and this week they told MTV News that they felt disrespected -- despite the fact that 2 Chainz didn't seem to mean any ill will.

"He just mentioned Migos' name, and as a supposed OG in the game, we feel like you're supposed to be giving us knowledge and respect us, instead of doing that," they said. "That ain't how we rock, we just don't rock like that."

When asked if they considered that 2 Chainz didn't mean any disrespect, or if they were Three 6 Mafia fans, and might've been influnced by the group, their stance was clear.

"We not talking about Three 6, we talking about what 2 Chainz said."

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