Eminem, Lit To Replace Cypress Hill On Warped Tour

Organizers for this year's Warped Tour have made some last minute adjustments to the lineup, adding rapper Eminem and rockers Lit to replace Cypress Hill, which recently decided to drop off the six-week tour.

Eminem and Lit join a diverse Warped roster that already featured Blink-182, Ice-T, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Eyed Peas, Sevendust, Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Bouncing Souls, the Dropkick Murphys, Molotov, the Living End, Fenix, and Grinspoon (see [article id="1435175"]"Warped Tour Lines Up Itinerary"[/article]).

Other artists slated to hop on-board the Warped Tour for short stints include BR5-49, Agnostic Front, Zebrahead, the Amazing Crowns, the Lunachicks, and the Royal Crown Revue, among others.

The addition of Eminem and Lit gives the tour an even greater commercial appeal, as Eminem has sold almost 2 million copies of his newest album, "Slim Shady," while Lit is currently enjoying a number 1 single on Billboard's Modern Rock Charts with "My Own

Worst Enemy." But the surprise draw of Warped '99 may end up being Blink-182, whose fourth record, "Enema of the State," will make an impressive debut at number 9 on next week's Billboard Album Charts.

Even though Cypress Hill bowed out of the veteran music fest, the band is still on to headline its Latin spin-off, the Watcha Tour, beginning on August 1 in Miami (see [article id="1427767"]"Cypress Hill Is Touring, Tattooing, And Recording En Espanol"[/article])

In a statement released by Cypress Hill today, the band said it opted to drop off the tour in order to complete its new record, due out in October. When Cypress Hill originally signed up for Warped, it planned to send B-Real, Sen Dog, and Bobo out on the road while DJ Muggs would remain in Los Angeles to oversee production of the record.

The three members of Cypress Hill on the tour would continue working on the record and then send their contributions back to Muggs in the studio, but that plan was

ultimately abandoned so that the band could remain together while completing the new album.

The Warped Tour will kick off its fifth year in San Antonio, Texas on June 25.

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