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Watch This Adorable Children's Chorus Cover 'Welcome To New York'

Taylor totally approves.

Staten Island-based PS22 Chorus — the same group behind this viral cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” — has struck gold again, this time tackling Taylor Swift’s unofficial NYC anthem “Welcome to New York.”

The adorably talented group of kids performed a fun, upbeat version of the song at the 2015 New Yorker for New York Gala on Monday (Feb. 23), spicing it up with their own jazzy choreography.



Taylor recently made a $50,000 donation to New York City public schools, so the song is only fitting coming from a group of kids who are clearly thankful for her generosity.

Taylor even saw the video and tweeted her glowing approval, writing, “The look on someone’s face when they’re doing what they love is contagious and inspiring. So beautiful, PS22 Chorus.”

Awesome job, PS22!