Drake Bell’s Submission For International Kissing Day Is 'Drake & Josh' Gold

Get ready to say, ‘Those dumb boobs’

If you noticed an extra dose of smoochin' on social media Wednesday (July 6), it's because people were ~celebrating~ International Kissing Day. While several celebs got in on the fun, Drake Bell's submission was definitely the winner.

The Drake & Josh star uploaded a screenshot from the show, but instead of sharing a pic of himself kissing one of his many arm candies, he shared an even better pic of himself with Josh Peck.

The hilarious smooch hails from the classic episode "Josh Runs Into Oprah," in which after scoring tickets and backstage passes to see a taping of Oprah Winfrey's show, Drake asks his brother if he loved him again. "Love ya?!" Josh shouts, then plants a big wet one on Drake — or a "peck" as one fan jokingly pointed out.

Nice one, Drake. You found a way to make International Kissing Day actually worthwhile.


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