Netflix Just Spoiled Every Movie Ever

Now you don't even need to watch through the end.

Do you hate surprises? Do you also hate seeing movies within 10 years of their release? Boy, have we got a website for you.

If you love surprises, then, sorry, today's just not your day.

Netflix launched a new spoiler-centric site today,, and its goal is to ruin everything.*

Visitors can spend time watching video clips of the endings of classic movies, taking a quiz to find out what kind of spoiler they are, and a discussion of which spoilers are so old that they can now be considered "public domain," and no longer really a spoiler. Apologies to those who haven't yet seen "The Graduate" or "Cool Runnings," but come on. Get it together.

After all, as the site's tagline says, some secrets are just too good to keep.

*The endings of certain classic movies.

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