Hailee Steinfeld Buys Her Own Flowers On New Self-Love Anthem

'I Love You's' is all about focusing on yourself instead of diving into another destructive relationship

If you're looking for a new self-love anthem, look no further than Hailee Steinfeld's "I Love You's." The song, which samples Annie Lennox's iconic track of nearly the same name ("No More 'I Love You's'"), is all about deciding to focus on yourself for a while instead of free-falling into another destructive relationship.

"Diamonds won't fool me 'cause I'm too far gone," she sings on the pre-chorus, promising that she won't fall for the same old tricks she fell for in the past. Right now, she needs to focus on rehabilitating herself after back-to-back heartbreaks. "Wish I could get back the air in my lungs," she continues. "I've been so fucked up it's bad for my heart."

The chorus mingles Lennox's signature "doo-bee-doo-bee-doo's" with Steinfeld's own promise to herself: "No more I love you's," she sings. The "Starving" songstress is done giving her heart away before it's healed, which is something she's been guilty of in the past, per a recent interview with EW. "I went through a breakup and did not give myself enough time to heal from that before getting into another relationship," she said. "When that second relationship ended it became clear that I needed time and space to heal — I hadn't given myself that to begin with that first time around."

The song's lyrics are proof. After the chorus, Steinfeld admits that she used to make up excuses for why her relationships consistently didn't work out. "Yeah, I blamed it on the time zones," she sings. "I blamed it on my eyes closed / I blamed it on the world like it owes me." Sound familiar? Ultimately, though, she begins to understand that the best and longest relationship she's ever going to have is the one she has with herself.

"So I'll make amends, and I'll buy myself flowers," she sings, finally giving herself the love she deserves. And by the time the bridge rolls around, Steinfeld finally feels what she's been seeking all along: freedom. "It's not on my lips and I love it," she sings. "No weight on my chest, I'm above it. I'm taking a moment to cut it out."

Looking to release the heaviness of past relationships and learn how to love yourself again? Steinfeld is right there with you. Check out the lyric video for her new single "I Love You's' up above.

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