Alien Ant Farm Get Into The 'Movies'

Rockers rerelease first single from ANThology, film cinema-inspired video.

After taking a Michael Jackson song to the top of the rock charts, Alien Ant Farm are returning from whence they came: the "Movies."

The Riverside, California, rockers are rereleasing the first single from last spring's ANThology and have filmed a new video for their ode to the big screen.

"Once we knew radio was going to back 'Movies,' it was pretty obvious for us to go and do a real video for it," singer Dryden Mitchell said while traveling to Boise, Idaho. "The one we did before was [made in] three hours [of] drunken behavior."

Marc Klasfeld, who also directed the video of the Farm's "Smooth Criminal" cover, filmed the band last weekend at the Vine Theatre in Hollywood and on a soundstage in Sylmar, California.

In the clip, Mitchell and his bandmates magically become part of the movie they're watching in a theater.

"All the performance bits are onscreen, so there's some cool effects," Mitchell said, "like some 'Stargate'-style getting sucked into the screen and stuff like that. And we spoofed a few movies."

Alien Ant Farm give nods to "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and 1980s movies such as "Ghostbusters" "Edward Scissorhands" and "The Karate Kid." Pat Morita, "The Karate Kid"'s Mr. Miyagi, cameos in the clip.

Mitchell said the band wanted to make this video the first time around but didn't have the budget to do so.

"It's a way better video than 'Smooth Criminal,'" Mitchell said. "It was three times more work than that one. There's a lot of costume and set changes."

Alien Ant Farm, who recently launched their first headlining tour (see [article id="1449841"]"Alien Ant Farm Amp 'Em Up At Seattle's EMP"[/article]), hope to go three or four videos deep into ANThology, Mitchell said. They also want to continue working with Klasfeld, who has also filmed videos for Sum41, D12 and Nelly.

"I like the way he does things," Mitchell said. "We just start spitting out jokes or what-ifs and he's like, 'We can do that.' Like with 'Smooth Criminal,' we said, 'Wouldn't it be funny if the sidewalk lights up?' He doesn't kibosh anyone's idea for his own agenda."

The band will be on the road at least through November and spend a few weeks opening for 311. They have also talked about going out with Weezer. "Between those two, there are not many other bands I would possibly want to tour with," Mitchell said. "Unless you start talking classic rock bands."

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