This Fake 'Jurassic World' Trailer Should Be Used As A Guide To Make The Sequel

Or as a guide for what 'not' to do in the sequel.

The popular YouTube channel Screen Junkies is at it again, this time creating an honest trailer for 2015's biggest blockbuster, "Jurassic World."

For all the amazing things the "Jurassic Park" sequel got right, it also got a lot of things wrong. Screen Junkies brings up a few solid points regarding the severe lack of safety features in the park, and all are good things to keep in mind for the "Jurassic World" sequel. (*cough* Colin Trevorrow *cough*)

These safety problems include:

>> Crappy fences

>> Bad security

>> Awful phone reception

>> Only one person on the entire chain of islands who can fly a helicopter

Screen Junkies also points out how Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) won't shut up about the park's assets during the entire movie. Plus, Owen (Chris Pratt) never stops blabbing about animals. Like, ever. Go back and watch the movie. You'll see what we mean.

It also pokes fun at Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) for treating the creation of the multi-species hybrid Indominus rex like getting frozen yogurt: "This isn't Pinkberry. You don't have to use every topping just cause they're there."

Check out the LOL-worthy video below.

H/T Entertainment Weekly