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Mix Master Mike Scoring Hip-Hop Film

'Jails, Hospitals and Hip-Hop' looks at how rap has been integrated into our culture.

Turntable wizard Mix Master Mike will provide the score to "Jails, Hospitals and Hip-Hop," an upcoming film adaptation of writer/actor Danny Hoch's solo performance piece.

"Jails" combines footage from Hoch's one-man shows, performed at both theaters and prisons around the U.S., into a poignant multiple-character study of the ways hip-hop has been integrated into our culture.

Mix Master Mike said the producers of "Jails" came to the right person to create the turntable-based score.

"I've been to jail and to the hospital, so since I always wanted to score a motion picture, this was a perfect fit," he explained. "In scoring this, I matched the mood of the scene with scratch music. There's this one scene where Danny's performing in front of inmates, and I felt psychedelic and psychotic music was right for that scene, since being locked up would make anyone crazy."

The film was co-directed by Hoch and Mark Benjamin, who made the documentary "The Last Party" about the 1992 Democratic National Convention and was the cinematographer for Marc Levin's award-winning 1998 film "Slam." "Jails" will premiere in New York on March 30 before making a limited-access U.S. run.

Mix Master Mike is one of the founding members of the San Francisco Bay Area's Invisibl Skratch Piklz, the preeminent turntablist crew, and he's also the current DJ for the Beastie Boys, with whom he toured after their 1998 album Hello Nasty, featuring the collaborative track "Three MCs and One DJ." Following a number of experimental hip-hop collage and "breaks" records, he released his debut solo LP, Anti-Theft Device, in 1998, as well as the EPs "Suprize Packidge" and "Eye of the Cyclops."