DFX: Mystikal Celebrates Life On Top

Debuting at number one on the "Billboard" album chart is a perfectly good reason to get one's party on, and that's precisely what Mystikal did this week.

The rapper's "Let's Get Ready" was on the top of the album heap when "Billboard" hit stands on Monday, and Mystikal took to New York's Halo nightclub on Tuesday night to celebrate. He was joined in his revelry by R&B star Joe and "Direct Effect" host Teck as well as a bevy of masked, bikini-clad ladies, in keeping with the theme of his "Shake It Fast" (a.k.a. "Shake Ya Ass") video.

[article id="1442870"]"This is about celebrating that,"[/article] Mystikal told MTV News on his way into the shindig. [article id="1442870"]"It ain't every year that a man comes in at number one over 98 Degrees... I'd have taken second or third to 98 Degrees, Madonna... But number one? Word."[/article]

The celebration may prove to be a short one, as Mystikal will be

bumped from the number one spot on the album chart next week by Radiohead's "Kid A" (see [article id="1429725"]"Radiohead Leads Green Day, Scarface In Big Chart Week"[/article]).

Next, the New Orleans rapper will weigh his tour options and settle on plans for U.S. trek. Mystikal also said that he will team up with his old No Limit Records boss, Master P, to record something for the album that Master P hopes to release before the end of the year.