'Batman' and 'Superman' Movie Might Just Have a Name Already

This weekend Warner Bros. made us geeks in Comic Con's cathedral-like Hall H have to rush to the bathroom to change those Wonder Woman underoos after they announced that the follow-up to this summer's smash-tastic "Man of Steel" wouldn't be a straight sequel but would instead be a team-up movie along the lines of the "World's Finest" comic books, combining both Superman (Henry Cavill) and a new Batman (who has yet to be cast). The creative team behind "Man of Steel" — director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan — are all returning for the project, along with much of the "Man of Steel" cast, so this thing is legit.

But what oh what will such a movie be called, we wondered (especially in light of the big "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" mind melt that also happened at SDCC). Scribe Goyer, for one, seems to suggest that we should expect to see a "Vs." tag in there somewhere between the two heroes' names.

While taking part in a panel for Superman's 75th anniversary, Goyer told the crowd, "The next film we're making, we're already in pre-production, comes out in the summer of 2015 and we're not actually sure whether the title is 'Superman vs. Batman' or 'Batman vs. Superman' but yes, that rematch, that combination, the two guys onscreen and that's happening."

That was the cue for the guys over at to try and uncover the scoop, which naturally led them to the most surefire investigative journalism technique of the 21st century - see what domain names Warner Bros had registered. (Cue the slow clap.) While "" and "" had been registered by the company, only "" had been purchased, while "" had not. Drama!

Now, if we pause for five seconds and actually think back to when Warner Bros was actively developing a movie called "Batman vs. Superman," based on a screenplay by "Seven" scribe Andrew Kevin Walker and to be directed by "Air Force One" helmer Wolfgang Peterson, then that might be where the little domain name came from. But who knows. It probably will be called "Batman vs. Superman."

But, but, but ... what about "Batman vs. the Man of Steel?" That'd be kind of cool, right? And, as a bonus, actually feed into the narrative that this is a real "Man of Steel" sequel.