Have Mercy! Here's Our 'Full House' Reunion Wish List

MTV News picks six musicians we'd like to see join the "Full House" cast reunion during the Big Game.

Want a dose of '90s nostalgia with your Super Bowl-ing? You got it dude! A sizable portion of the "Full House" cast will be reuniting in a commercial for Dannon during the Big Game, and we can think of a few additions to the ad spot that we'd like to see made manifest.

In a brief teaser for the commercial, we see Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) together once more, bro-ing down in the kitchen over Dannon's Oikos yogurt and football, like one does. The full spot is scheduled to premiere during the Super Bowl on February 2.

While we tear the pages from the calendar in heady anticipation for the day, MTV News has a compiled a list of six musicians and "Full House"-affiliated stars we'd like to see make an appearance in the ad.

You miss your old familiar friends, but they're waiting just around the bend-- we hope.

Jesse And The Rippers

The '90s most rocking-est band already reunited for a performance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," so why shouldn't they appear in a commercial for yogurt?

The Uncle Jesse-fronted outfit shares many characteristics with the Dannon-spun treat, if you really think about it. They're both smooth, they're both tangy and they are both made infinitely more delicious by the presence of one John Stamos (this isn't Stamos' first visit to the Dannon rodeo -- he appears in other ads).

Have mercy!

Girl Talk

And we're not talking about mash-up master Gregg Gillis -- although that would be cool, too. Nope, we're referring to the very finest in Ace Of Base cover bands that only know one song: Girl Talk, which includes "Full House" denizens Stephanie Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler and some other children whom we don't recall.

This rag tag bunch of misfits could certainly do with a yogurt-y snack after all that fake playing -- we mean, rocking out!

Blake McIver

You may remember McIver as Michelle Tanner's precocious bestie Derek. Well, now the former child star is a full-grown former go-go dancer and current musical star!

Check out his music video for "Wish I Didn't Need You," which seems to be about a love affair on the rocks. We don't know why anyone would leave McIver and his amazing denim vest. How rude!

Come with us and yogurt away the pain, friend.

Tommy Page

He played Stephanie Tanner's tenth birthday, so we're pretty sure he can take some time out from being Head Of Music Partnerships at Pandora to sing "I'll Be Your Everything" while eating yogurt with old friends.

The Beach Boys

Just picture everyone laughing, clapping and eating yogurt to "Kokomo." That's where we want to go...

Alanis Morissette

Well, someone has to remind Dave Coulier to clean up the mess that he made with all that yogurt.

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