Kevin Bacon 'Astounded' By Miss Golden Globe Daughter

Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick will introduce their 21-year-old at Sunday's ceremony.

Before this year's Golden Globe winners can get their claws on their new trophies, they'll have to go through Sosie Bacon first.

Miss Golden Globe 2014, and yes, daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, has been readying herself for Sunday's ceremony for months. Ever year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association picks someone, usually the daughter (or son) of a celebrity, to assist onstage during the ceremony. Amid a whirlwind press tour, the 21-year-old has still found some time to practice the art of heel-walking with mom.

"She didn't really ask for advice, but certainly she doesn't do a lot of walking in heels," her dad, "The Following" star Kevin Bacon, tells MTV News, admitting that his wife had indeed helped Sosie in that department.

"Kyra's always saying to her, 'Stand up straight!'" he adds. "I think that would be the case whether she was Miss Golden Globe or not."

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Bacon has worked with his daughter twice now as a director. At 10, Sosie acted opposite her mom in Bacon's 2005 flick "Loverboy" and held a recurring role on TNT's "The Closer" with Bacon in the director's chair. But being Miss Golden Globe has allowed her Globe-winning parents to see a whole new side of their child.

"I'm actually sort of astounded at how easily she has slipped into this," Bacon tells MTV News. "The last couple of days, she's been up at the crack of dawn and going around and doing interviews. She not only enjoys it, but she's really comfortable in it. I don't really know how you get that. I know I wasn't that way when I started doing interviews and I don't know if Kyra was either, but [Sosie] seems to take to it pretty easily."

The couple, married since 1988, will take the stage on Sunday to introduce their pride and joy. From the audience, they'll be "cheering her on."

"[It] will be fun," Bacon says with a smile.

Stick with MTV News for more coverage on the Globes and on Bacon's serial killer drama "The Following," returning to Fox on January 19.

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