Ashton Kutcher Describes His 'Superman' Audition, Makes A Pitch For He-Man?!

File this one in the "What If?" drawer, folks: Ashton Kutcher as... Superman?

During the press junket for his recently released film "Killers," Kutcher told MTV News that not only did he audition for the role of DC's Man of Steel, he actually tried on Superman's suit.

"I wore the Superman suit," he told MTV News. "I did a screentest in the Superman suit."

While Kutcher wasn't certain which director he auditioned for in the long list of filmmakers who were offered the gig at one point or another ("I forget who it was... I think it was [Brett] Ratner," he said), the actor did share some details about his Lois Lane — and why it's for the best that he didn't get the role.

"There is [footage of my audition out there], with Keri Russell, who was reading Lois [Lane]," he said. "There's me in a Clark Kent outfit, and then there's me in a Superman outfit."

"It did not feel right," he admitted. "I hadn't worked out or done anything right. ... I was like a rail with fake muscles. It looked funny."

According to Kutcher, the idea of donning a tight superhero suit isn't something he's really pursuing these days — though if he's given enough prep time, he said he might be able to bring a certain musclebound cartoon hero to the big screen.

"I don't think I could be a superhero that was in tights. I could play He-Man," he laughed. "Given the time to get myself in shape, I could play He-Man."

"By the power of Grayskull," he shouted. "I have the power!"

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