Day26, Danity Kane's Aundrea And Dawn Back For New Season Of 'Making The Band'

'This is going to be the best season of 'Making the Band' ever,' Que Mosley says.

When the fourth season of [url id=""]"Making the Band"[/url] debuts Thursday night (February 12), the cast will be seen trying to adjust to all the changes that have been happening in the world of Bad Boy.

First off, only Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard accepted Diddy's invitation to [article id="1603737"]try to put Danity Kane back together[/article]. After he [article id="1597082"]kicked Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods out of the group[/article] last season, no one expected Shannon Bex to decide not to return. Richard shared that this season "you'll see me and Drea trying to pick up the pieces on our own."

Richard also told MTV News that the [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] situation has left her labelmates and friends in [article id="1603889"]Day26[/article] worried and anxious about their careers. "The boys are scared 'cause of all the bad history," she told MTV News. "They're worried that people will see them fail. They're under so much pressure on themselves not to fail. They're trying to find themselves. I think what's beautiful about them is they're men so they fight and it goes away. They have a common goal so I think they'll be fine."

It's because they are able to clear the air with each other that the guys feel they're "gonna rock until the end of time," as Will Taylor put it. "That's why you're going to see us stay together."

He added, "I think, even with the Danity Kane situation ... a lot of their things were [kept] under wraps," he said. "So with [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist], we're so real we can't hold it in for that long. At the end of the day, it lets you all see we're not perfect. At the end of the day, we understand we have a job."

But when they described the turbulence of this season, they admitted that there are times when it looks like they may follow in Danity Kane's footsteps and destruct.

"Even though you see us fight and argue, we're humans and we're brothers, and brothers do that," Que Mosley said. "At the end of the day, we still understand that it is business. We understand that this is a brand that we need to protect.

"So even though you might a see a punch thrown, you might see a slap, you might see someone disrespected -- but it's business and we understand business and we love each other. We love each other. Just because you see us fight doesn't mean we're breaking up ... it's just we had a bad moment."

Taylor added that with only two girls from Danity Kane trying to work things out and with the boys also trying to gain their footing, "This is going to be the best season of 'Making the Band' ever."