My Chemical Romance Unmask 'Mad Gear And Missile Kid'

An EP from the mysterious band is included in deluxe edition of 'Danger Days.'

As if [artist id="1231843"]My Chemical Romance[/artist]'s [article id="1649447"]Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys[/article] weren't already anticipated enough, the band recently upped the ante by unveiling a deluxe "California 2019" edition of the album, one that includes a glorious array of ephemera -- a Killjoys ray-gun (with matching mask), a 48-page art book, some "Bad Luck" beads -- and one mysterious EP, credited to someone (or something) called "The Mad Gear and Missile Kid."

Eagle-eyed MCR fans probably caught a mention of "Mad Gear" in the [article id="1650003"]"Na Na Na" video[/article], but to date, there have been no clues about his (or her) real identity. So when MTV News sat down with My Chem last week, we asked them if they could reveal just who Mad Gear and Missile Kid really are. And they were more than willing to oblige.

"Well, it's us, but playing as this band 'Mad Gear and Missile Kid' from the [Danger Days] world," MCR guitarist Frank Iero explained. "There's show fliers from that band in the videos. ... It's basically what the Killjoys are listening to in the car as they're having those gun battles."

So including an EP of songs by the fictional band is just another way My Chem have decided to expand the Danger Days story line and immerse their fans in that ever-growing world.

"I always pictured that's what the Killjoys listen to," frontman Gerard Way said. "To me, it's like giving a fan a piece -- like we'd give them a ray-gun, or the 'Bad Luck' beads -- but it's another set piece to the world. This one's just an audio one."

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