G-Eazy And Blueface Get Heart-Eyed For The 'West Coast' In New Collab

Be prepared for multiple "Yeah, aight" chants from Mr. Bust Down

For G-Eazy's latest trick, he makes viral rapper Blueface's offbeat tendencies... disappear. Poof! G-Eazy's new track is "West Coast," a celebration of California that enlists the "Thotiana" rapper so the pair can tell us what they love about California. It barely runs above two minutes, but the pair's chemistry and obvious infatuation with their birthplace makes it a lively, and also slightly adorable, listen.

G-Eazy's laid-back flow immediately cools the listener off from Cali's menacing heat. The rapper meanders and slinks through his verse, casually bragging with his eyebrows slightly raised. His last album provides for his grandchildren, he's driving a black Ferrari, he has an endorsement with Puma. The song's chorus is where Eazy's love for the domain comes in, with him easing back while the disembodied voices that resemble the chorus of "Let's Ride" by Richie Rich sing about the mysterious intangibles that make the area so amazing.

Blueface doesn't want to leave you guessing as to what makes the West Coast so great; his verse lets you know what he loves about it. For him, it's all about the best women and the best weed. There's also the fact that he refers to himself as "the face of the West Coast" so he has to love it. Aside from his Goofy-esque stop-motion punchlines that surprisingly remain on beat throughout, we hear him build his words around his viral phrases. "Yeah, aight" is said so much that it should have its own drinking game, and "Welcome to the meat show" is a cool easter egg referencing the infamous meme and line from his tune "Next Big Thing."

Recently, G-Eazy and Blueface were spotted along with YG filming a new music video amidst of sea of palm trees and background extras. Could this song be getting an accompanying visual in the near future? Let's just do the Bust Down dance to this now and ask questions later.