Terrence Howard Accidentally Punched Chris Rock On The ‘Empire’ Set

Rock joins Lucious Lyon behind bars in this first look at season two.

There are a ton of questions “Empire” needs to address when the show returns for its second season this fall. Will Jamal hold onto his father’s throne and weather his brothers’ planned hostile takeover? What will Cookie do with her fancy new status? And how will the show deal with Lucious Lyon's (Terrence Howard) arrest?

To refresh your memory, the season finale saw Lucious being (spoiler alert!) escorted out of his big legacy concert in cuffs after being arrested for allegedly killing Bunkie. A lot of fans have wondered if the merciless Lucious would weasel his way out of jail time (kind of like he escaped his deadly ALS misdiagnosis) or whether the show might simply allude to his time spent in prison through various flashbacks, like they did with Cookie.

We finally got our answer this week, thanks to a series of Instagram posts from showrunner Lee Daniels. “Empire” began shooting on Monday, and Daniels has been documenting the experience with several pics and videos from a prison set, teasing that we will in fact be seeing Lucious behind bars.

In one video, Daniels stands in between Howard and guest star Chris Rock, both of whom are outfitted in orange prison jumpsuits. Howard admits to “accidentally” punching Rock in the stomach on set, to which the comedian slyly retorts, “I don’t if it was an accident. He does have a reputation.”

In one slightly intimidating snap from the set, Lee poses with some very buff-looking inmates (for Lucious’ sake, we really hope he doesn’t give these two any trouble…).

Lee also shared a slideshow of pics captioned, “Locked up with Lucious on #empireseason2” along with the hashtag “freelucious.”

Besides Rock, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz are slated to make guest appearances on the second season of “Empire,” which returns September 23.