Bam Margera Hopes To Give Ozzfest A Run For Its Money

Viva la Bands Tour kicks off Saturday.

Bam Margera is such a maniac that even when he's relaxing, he's subjecting himself to grievous bodily harm.

Seems that recently, after months and months spent working on his television show, his movies, his clothing line and innumerable other commercial endeavors (see "Bam, Inc."), Margera finally decided to take a much-deserved vacation.

The only problem was that he just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. Or, more specifically, out of shopping carts.

"The first day I had off, I started filming some skateboarding and some stunts, and I hopped into a shopping cart and got pushed full-speed into a curb and totally pulled the muscles on my ribs and bruised the bone," Margera laughed. "So I had to chill for 10 days, so that sucked. All my plans got shot to hell. But I'm better now."

Perhaps it's wise, then, that Margera has changed his focus from shopping carts to music promotion. On Saturday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he'll launch his Viva la Bands Tour, a five-date, four-city jaunt featuring Bam-approved acts H.I.M. (see [article id="1510982"]"Finnish Rockers H.I.M. Say Everything They Do, They Do For Bam Margera"[/article]), Finch, Skindred and Fireball Ministry. It's an idea he came up with earlier this year when he was putting the finishing touches on his Viva la Bands compilation (see [article id="1504403"]"Skater Bam Margera's Latest Trick: Making Bands Blow Up"[/article]), and he's determined to take it from a tiny traveling show to a summertime rock behemoth.

"Basically we had such good response from the album and all the music we were playing on 'Viva la Bam' that people were like, 'Why don't you just put a tour together?' " Margera said. "So we decided to throw something together. It's just small right now, but depending on how these shows go, we're planning on rolling out a much bigger tour sometime this summer."

But with a summertime schedule already glutted with multi-band rock-and-roll tours, how does Margera plan on carving his own little niche? Well, for starters, his outing is going to be heavy on the "Jackass"-style antics that made him a household name in the first place.

"We're actually going to be playing never-before-seen 'Jackass'-style footage in between each band. And the whole cast of 'Viva la Bam' will be showing up. Don Vito and my parents and DiCamillo are going to be there," he said. "We're going to have acts like H.I.M. or CKY or Cradle of Filth on the tour. Maybe we'll get My Chemical Romance or Avenged Sevenfold to be on it too, because I'm friends with all those guys. It's going to be a big rock tour, and we're going to be coming after Ozzfest and the Warped Tour."

For now, though, Margera is mainly focusing on the tour's trial run. But he's also keeping his portfolio diverse, with a second musical compilation in the works, not to mention two films ("The Dream Seller" and "A Good Man's Ass") and an animated show based on his exploits in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

"There's no stopping, man. I'm always working in a triangle. Like, I'll direct a video for my friend's band, and then I'll start working on a movie script or something," Margera said. "So if this whole music thing doesn't work out ... I'll have something to fall back on."

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