New Video: MGK 'Skate Cans' (NSFW)

MGK hits the streets of L.A. with pro skater Ryan Sheckler for his "Skate Cans" video.

MGK's been everywhere lately: Not only is Mr. Kelly prepping a follow-up mixtape to his amazing Lace Up, but he's just wrapped up his 2013 MTV Woodie Awards hosting duties (and we've learned of his proclivities for nipple clamps). Nowadays, the "Wild Boy" is back in the music game with his latest video for "Skate Cans" (from the forthcoming Black Flag), and he's not alone -- MGK's joined by pro skater and former "Life of Ryan" star Ryan Sheckler!

Watch MGK's "Skate Cans" video after the jump.

The black-and-white clip kicks off with Ryan and MGK attempting to break in to and skate in L.A.'s famed Hollywood High School (aka everyone's rebellious 17-year-old fantasy). Of course it's not too long before their fans notice MGK and Ryan hanging around outside (maybe next time they should try breaking in on a Sunday?), but it's no problem -- MGK happily meets, greets, and signs autographs in between his super fast spitting. Honestly, why couldn't MGK have shown up to OUR high school? We would've given anything to interrupt our Monday-Friday algebra-to-gym-class schedule. (Celebrities can cancel school, it's a thing. Look it up.)

+ Watch MGK's "Skate Cans" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Bad Boy

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