Is 'Sister, Sister' Going To Get The 'Full House' Revival Treatment?

Never knew how much you missed them.

When John Stamos announced that "Full House" was coming back for a Netflix revival series following an adult DJ Tanner, the news was met with tons of nostalgic hysteria. If it does well it could pave the way for more '90s series in the future, and Tia Mowry already has an idea for what should be next in line: "Sister, Sister."

"So many people, they want to see us back," she said on the "Meredith Vieira Show" on Friday. "And you know, I would love to. It's just all about timing. I am working on a show right now and my sister is working on a show, so we'll see. The fans, they really want it, so we'll give it to them probably."

Ho-ly crap. "Sister, Sister" originally ran from 1994 to 1999, so God only knows what the bookish Tia, the fun-loving Tamera, and their adoptive parents Lisa (Jackée Harry) and Ray (Tim Reid) could possibly be up to today.

Did Tia land that successful career she always aspired to, despite going to (gasp) Michigan State? Did Tamera land a gig working with Coolio? Only time -- which is hindered by Tia's role on "Instant Mom" and Tamera's gig as host of "The Real" -- will tell, but one thing's for sure: "It'll be fun," Mowry said.