5 Seedy Stories You Didn't Know About Babe Ruth's Sex Life

The Bambino's crazy sexcapades would horrify many of today's athletes.

100 years ago today, Babe Ruth made his MLB debut with the Boston Red Sox. He didn't score on the field that day, but it's a pretty safe assumption that he scored OFF the field.

Ruth crushed homers, he crushed hot dogs, and he crushed... well, lets just say he loved the ladies. To celebrate the anniversary of this great player, we're counting down his craziest sex stories.

NYC Hookers Helped Destroy His First Marriage

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Babe Signs Avocado

From Robert Weintraub's book The House That Ruth Built, it's pretty clear Babe enjoyed his time in Boston. Within months of moving to the city he married a young waitress by the name of Helen Woodford. But when he was traded to the New York Yankees, all hell broke loose (in his bed). His wife and he separated thanks to Ruth's nonstop cheating. According to Weintraub, "[Ruth] generally preferred prostitutes, because he had neither the time nor the inclination to court properly."

He'd 'Round The Bases' All Night Long

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Top Men

Weintraub points out this gem as well: One time, Ruth brought a girl back to the hotel room he shared on the road with a teammate. The next morning, his roommate asked how many times they'd actually gotten it on. "Count the cigars," said Ruth. There were seven butts.

He Never Lacked Confidence About His Sexual Prowess

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Big Ball Player

Ruth talked about his bat (his OTHER bat) constantly, and used it as a measuring stick for just about everything in his life. At one party, he reportedly got on top of a piano and shouted, "OK, girls, anyone who does not want to get f***ed now can leave!" Not exactly discreet.

Sex Almost Killed Him (Multiple Times)

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Ruth brushed with death a few times. A woman chased him through a crowded train, brandishing a knife, because he had cheated on her. A man with a gun chased a naked Ruth out of a hotel in Detroit, after Ruth slept with his wife. And in 1925, he missed part of the season with "The Bellyache Heard 'Round The World," which was almost certainly a combination of poor diet and a TON of syphilis.

Sometimes He'd Take ALL The Women

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One night, he had sex with every single prostitute in a St. Louis brothel. Every. Single. One. That's what you do when you can't choose.

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