British Parliament Leader Ousts Himself As Beyonce Fan In The Most Embarrassing Way

I'd totally vote for this guy, TBH.

You know that awful, panicky feeling you get when your phone goes off somewhere quiet and suddenly everyone knows what your ringtone is and they pierce you with super judgmental glares? This is much, much worse than that.

Michael Gove, the British Conservative Party’s chief whip — aka a really important dude — accidentally interrupted a cabinet meeting this week when his fancy smartwatch began blaring a Beyonce song.

Onlookers said the ousted Bey fan fumbled around “for quite a while” before finally figuring out how to stop the music.

Kinda funny, right? Maybe to most of us, but apparently Prime Minister David Cameron was not impressed. The PM is evidently not a big B fan (better watch out for Beygency, dude) because he reportedly “told off” Gove and gave him a “public bollocking” for the incident.

Gove’s wife, Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine, wrote that she gave her husband the watch for Christmas and he simply hadn’t gotten used to it yet.

"And so it was that just as the Chancellor of the Exchequer was explaining a particularly complex piece of fiscal policy to Her Majesty's assembled Cabinet, my husband mistakenly instructed his watch to play Beyonce's latest oeuvre,” she wrote. "Try as he might, he simply could not silence her warblings. The more buttons he pressed, the more effusive she got. Eventually, he managed to switch her off, but not before he had received a stern reprimand from the Prime Minister himself.”



Even though we’re all dying to know which Bey jam Gove was blasting — something raunchy like “Partition?” Or perhaps a throwback like “Crazy in Love?” — onlookers simply described the song as “a female ballad” and a “Jazz FM-style comedown music after a heavy night out.”

Hmm... our money’s on “Drunk In Love,” but honestly we're not sure we really want to know. That’s probably better kept between Gove and his wife.