Troye Sivan Talks About Connecting With LGBTQ Fans: ‘It Gives Me Insane Amounts Of Joy’

The Aussie singer covers <i>Out</i> magazine and makes a triple-threat appearance on <i>The Late Late Show</i>

Riding high off his anthemic new single “Youth,” Troye Sivan made a triple-threat appearance on The Late Late Show with a hilarious comedy sketch, a sweet interview, and a rousing live performance.

In the cute sketch, host James Corden plays a tired dad who asks his neighbor Troye to turn down the music. After Troye mistakes Corden for Kevin James (“You were amazing in Paul Blart: Mall Cop”), Corden insists he used to be a very “hip” DJ named Vinyl Richie who was hot on the funeral circuit back in the day.

Later in the show, Troye performed an energetic rendition of “Youth,” his first Top 40 hit.

In his first proper late night talk show interview, Troye chatted about his sexuality and recounted the story of how he recently helped a fan come out to her mom during one of his recent U.S. shows.

Troye’s debut album, Blue Neighbourhood, is connecting with LGBTQ fans in a huge way, which the Aussie star also opened up about in the most recent issue of Out magazine. As the mag’s May 2016 cover star, Troye recalls being astonished when he once asked at a live show, “Who’s LGBTQ up in here?” and half the audience put their hands up.

“That moment where you take on that responsibility and feel that empowerment, seeing that in a physical form looking back at me, singing those lyrics back at me was… It was a life-changing moment,” he said.

The singer -- who came out to his parents when he was 15 -- said he’s been making more of an effort to connect with fans onstage and talked about finding his comfort zone in front of a crowd.

“I’ve been looking at people’s faces a lot more during a show, and it’s been getting me insane amounts of joy,” he said. “I see kids closing their eyes and singing the lyrics, and I see kids with huge smiles on their faces, or I see kids that are on a date. I see kids who are proud of themselves and proud of me, and it just really makes me happy.”

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