'Dark Knight' Trilogy: Batman's Greatest Gadgets

Capes designed for base-jumping and guns built for climbing are just some of the incredible inventions in the Caped Crusader's arsenal.

Where does Batman get all of those wonderful toys? In the [article id="1690153"]"Dark Knight" trilogy[/article], they come from a winning combination of Bruce Wayne's extraordinary wealth, Lucius Fox's Applied Sciences division, and Christopher Nolan's bountiful imagination. The director's just-concluded Batman trilogy always strived for real-world explanations for the Caped Crusader's decidedly larger-than-life arsenal, yielding numerous unforgettable gadgets along the way.

With "The Dark Knight Rises" now in the books, here's a look at six of our favorite Batman gadgets from the Nolan era.

Magnetic Grapple Gun

Ah, the grapple gun. A magnetic, gas-powered handheld "firearm" in Nolan's trilogy, this gadget has been a mainstay across all of the iterations of Batman. It's simple but effective, allowing Bruce an easy exit whenever he needs it — and make no mistake, he needs it quite often.

Bombs Away

A little firepower can go a long way. Just ask the Batman, who uses small explosives to get get himself out of almost any jam. Whether its simply a means of distracting bad guys or used to create new exits and entrances where they didn't exist previously, bombs are a Batman's best friend. Our favorite of the Caped Crusader's explosive devices: the sticky-bomb gun, which he uses in Hong Kong during his mission to capture Mr. Lau.

Sonar Vision

When something makes Lucius Fox morally uncomfortable, you know you've got a powerful item on your hands. The technology that used all of Gotham's residents' cell devices to power sonar mapping proved invaluable for taking the Joker down — as well as Mr. Lau earlier in the film — yielding two epic fight scenes in the process. Bruce deleted the tech as a way of proving his loyalty to Lucius, but we bet he regretted that decision deeply the moment Bane set foot in Gotham.

Sonic Boot-Heel

Speaking of sonar, any device that can bring an army of bats to your location is a pretty useful tool to have, especially when all you do is run around at night fighting crime dressed as a bat. Only seen once in "Batman Begins," this gadget gave Bruce all the cover he needed to make a fast escape with an ailing Rachel Dawes at his side.

Memory Fiber Cape

Base-jumping isn't the most common pastime in Gotham City, but it's essential to Mr. Wayne's up-all-night extracurricular hobby. The cape was always a flashy accessory in the Batman mythos, but in Nolan's trilogy, it was an essential tool that allowed Bruce to glide from point A to point B and beyond.

A Trio of Rides

It's almost unfair to list these as part of Bruce's collection of gadgets. They're so much more than that. With the Tumbler, Bat-pod and The Bat at his side, there's no terrain too rough to traverse, no corner of Gotham too out of reach. With these vehicles at his disposal, Batman has saved the day more times than anyone can reasonably count.

List off your favorite "Dark Knight" gadgets in the comments below!

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