Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Reveals First Teaser To ‘Heartbeat Song’ And It’s The Cutest Thing. Ever.

Hearts just melted everywhere.

I. Literally. Just. Died... of cuteness overload. RIP Me.

Kelly Clarkson already had my pulse racing with the news that she was returning to music with her new single, "Heartbeat Song," but nothing could prepare me for the teaser of the track, which drops Jan. 12.

Kelly enlisted her adorable 7-month-old daughter, River Rose, to give us the sneak peek at the song, and I'll have to be honest: I had to re-watch it at least 10 times because I had a hard time concentrating on the song after being blinded by her charms.

Kelly is heard off-camera asking River -- who's in the studio wearing a giant pair of headphones kicking her little legs just like she's dancing -- what she's listening to. Kelly then takes the headphones off her darling daughter as River laughs, kicks, shows us her best fist pump and basically melts our hearts as she rocks out to her mom's new single.

So what does the song sound like? Even though we hear roughly 15 seconds of the track, it sounds like it's going to be another monster pop single from the "Stronger" star if Kelly's soaring voice and mid-tempo drum beat are any indicators.

"This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it/ Turned it on, but I know you can take it/ Up, up, up, up all night long/ Up Up all night long," Kelly sings.

Kelly recently tweeted that the there were two clues to her first single, "Proof of life & Dr. Dre #TheNextEpisode," but I think we'll have to hear more to decipher exactly what that means.

It's been over three years since Kelly released her fifth album, Stronger, (not including one of my fave Christmas albums, Wrapped in Red) and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release and exactly what it would sound like since Kelly has been channeling her country roots. But Kelly took to Twitter to let fans know that even though she's inspired by many different genres, this album would be "pop."

Oh, and there will be a duet on Kelly's next album, and it's with someone she's shared the stage with before. Any guesses?! Considering Kelly has sung with a lot of people -- Blake Shelton, Jewel, Demi Lovato, Justin Guarini (OK, so it's probably not Justin Guarini) -- this one is going to be tough to figure out.

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