Did A$AP Rocky Wear A Dress On '106'? Nope, Just An 'Oversized Shirt'

MC tells 'RapFix Live' that the rumors he wore a women's dress on '106 & Park' were 'foul,' urging people to 'wear what you want.'

A$AP Rocky doesn't shop where the average rapper does. Ever since he [article id="1673926"]hit the rap scene[/article] in October 2011, the Harlem MC has stood out with his designer fashion taste. Though he is often praised for his gear, Rocky has been clowned online after a recent BET "106 & Park" where a bunch of blog sites accused him of wearing a dress.

"I was just on '106 & Park' the other day with an oversized shirt on and everybody talkin' about I wore a dress," Rocky said, clearing up the rumor when he appeared on "RapFix Live" as a part of MTV's Big and Best of 2012. "That's foul and mine was long-sleeve."

The rising rap star walked on television wearing a long black pea coat, black bandana, with what he describes as a long-sleeved oversized tee and construction boots, but many have accused Rock of rocking a women's garment. A$AP didn't seem too concerned on Wednesday, and urged all of his fellow fashionistas to be proud of their individuality. "If fashion is your life and that's what you like and that's what you're about, express yourself, wear what you want and nothing matters, nobody else opinions matter," he stated. "Be the person that starts the trend.

"You're gonna have times where people, they gonna try to joke on you, they're gonna try to play you and all that, that just comes with life," he continued. "You gotta keep it striving' and always know that if they're talkin' you doin' somethin' right."

Only a year into his career and already Rocky feels like he's inspired change, especially when it comes to hip-hop's rugged dress code. "When I see dudes wearing high-end designers that they weren't wearing a year ago and rips in their jeans and gold teeth and these nappy braids and stuff I just look at it like we're doing something right," he said. "I really like the fact that the urban community has accepted high-end fashion."

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